Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a very common condition that can occur to anyone but timely identification of the various symptoms associated with this will help to cure plantar fasciitis effectively. Our foot is made up of various ligaments, tendons and tissues which help in providing the necessary balance to the legs. One such tissue that connects the heel to the middle of the foot is plantar fascia. Plantar fasciitis is a medical condition that is caused by the inflammation of plantar fascia. This article gives an overview of the various symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis.

The major symptom of plantar fasciitis is the pain that is experienced under the heel.  This pain is usually felt in the morning after you get up from the bed. The pain will subside after some time. You may also experience pain when you are constantly involved in activities like walking and running. The pain is usually felt on both the legs, as your body weight is usually distributed equally between the two legs.

One more way of finding out if you have plantar fasciitis is to try standing on your heel and see if you experience any pain during this activity. If you feel intense pain then it is time to take necessary steps to cure plantar fasciitis. You can also do a physical examination of your heel and look for any swelling or soreness in that area as both are classic symptoms of plantar fasciitis. It is always better to meet a doctor to find out if you have plantar fasciitis as they are more experienced and can identify symptoms other than those mentioned above. Doctors usually ask the patients to walk or stand in a particular position and look for any pain felt during the activity. They may also go for X-rays or ultra sounds to assess the damage caused to the plantar fascia. It is quite easy to cure plantar fasciitis if you ensure timely identification of the above mentioned symptoms.